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Getting Involved!

It can be really hard to figure out where to plug in and what might fit best for you. We offer the follow synopsis of our missions and teams that make all the ML Lions magic happen. Each mission or team has a brief description. If you see something(s) here that might work and want to jump in, or just get more information, fill out the form, check the box(es) and hit Submit! You should hear from someone soon.

Enduring Missions

The Medford Lakes Lions provide a free Cabulance service to residents of the Greater Medford area. The Cabulance program dates back to 1971 and “We Serve” those needing non-emergency ambulatory transportation to and from doctor’s visits, treatment centers and hospitals.   We focus on the 08055 and 08088 area codes. The club owns two vehicles dedicated to this purpose.  The way it works it that our “King Cabbie” receives a request for support, builds it into our support calendar, reaches out to members of this team to see who might be available to drive, and then makes contact/confirmation with the client.   The primary vehicle we use for transport is our Subaru Forester.  The individual that is to drive would pick up the transport vehicle at the Lions Lodge then attend to the transport. Our “King Cabbie” is Lion Jim Webre.   If you would like to know more about this mission and get involved, select the Cabulance box in the form below.
Food Bank

The Walter Cavanaugh Food Bank was named in honor of Lion Walter Cavanaugh’s dedication and long-time work supporting community families in need with the essentials of life.   Walter passed on in 1978 while actively serving as a Lion but his legacy lives on.

As a member of the food bank team, your involvement could include efforts such as organizing food drives, interfacing with other food collection entities, organizing the food bank, building monthly food boxes in preparation for our clients, as well as other important tasks.   This mission is also closely tied to our holiday food distribution effort.

You can find more information about the food bank on the web page.   If you are interested in getting involved with the food bank mission, our team lead is Lion Kim Smith.  Click the Food Bank item in the form below to start the ball rolling!

Medical Mobility Equipment Program

We have an inventory of equipment that we can provide to community members with short or long term mobility assistance needs. Most of the equipment is used but everything is in good shape.   The equipment is stored in our outdoor enclosure at the Lodge.

A member of this mission team would assist the chairperson with the intake and outflow of equipment when a need arises.  They way it generally works is that a request comes in through our web interface.   The chairperson checks the need/equipment against our inventory and capability.  If we can support, the chairperson reaches out to a member of the team to make contact with the client.   This may involved simply meeting the client at the Lodge, or in some cases, visiting the clients home to deliver/pick up the equipment in question.  There may also be a need to periodically organize equipment storage or do some equipment preparation/cleaning.

If you are interested in joining the medical equipment team, Lion Shawn Cone is the chairperson.  He can fill you in on more of the details.   Select the box for Medical Mobility Equipment below to get the ball rolling.

Ad Hoc Committee

Palm Sunday Breakfast

Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and Ed’s famous home fries.   Contact Curt Mcginnis.

Witches Paddle

SUP event at Beach 3.   Reach out to ______ for more info

Functional Committee


We need cash to operate and finance our missions.   Contact Jacquie Verish

House Committee

This team manages house preparations for meetings and events.  You can contact _______

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