Medford Lakes Lions Club


The Medford Lakes Lions provide a free Cabulance service to residents of the Greater Medford area. The Cabulance program dates back to 1971 and “We Serve” those needing non-emergency ambulatory transportation to and from doctor’s visits, treatment centers and hospitals.   We focus on the 08055 and 08088 area codes.

The club owns two vehicles dedicated to this purpose.  The way it works it that our “King Cabbie” receives a request for support, builds it into our support calendar, reaches out to members of this team to see who might be available to drive, and then makes contact/confirmation with the client.   The primary vehicle we use for transport is our Subaru Forester.  The individual that is to drive would pick up the transport vehicle at the Lions Lodge then attend to the transport.

Our “King Cabbie” is Lion Jim Webre.   If you would like to know more about this mission and get involved, select the Cabulance box in the form below.