Lions Working so Others Can See!

Since 1995, Lions International reports that Lions of the World have collected over 70 million pairs of used eyeglasses. Those glasses area washed, sterilized, identified, and packaged for distribution. More than 35 million pairs have been distributed to needy groups throughout the world.

Medford Lakes Lions actively support "Recycle For Sight." Last year, thanks to the help of the entire community, we were able to collect over 2,200 pairs of used glasses. The month of May has been proclaimed as "Eyeglass Recycling Month" by the NJ Governor.

We maintain a number of collection boxes in the community. If you have glasses to donate you can visit one of the following places. We check them regularly to set them their way to another set of needy eyes.

  • Murphy's at the Lakes
  • Murphy's in the Pines
  • Medford ShopRite
  • Medford ACME
  • Pinelands Library
  • Medford Leas
  • Medford Lakes Borough Office
  • Medford Lakes Colony Office

We, the Lions, ask for your help...Recycle those used eyeglasses...Help others to see.