Lions Food Wagon - Batsto Day

Sunday October 21st

Lions Shifts

Here is the line-up for working the food wagon at Batsto Day. The plan is to have at least 10 Lions for each shift. Shifts are from 7:00am to 12:30pm and 11:30pm to 4:00pm. We really need your support for this big Lions fundraising event! To sign up for a spot, click on the link for the shift desired, You will be prompted for your name.

The food wagon will leave the Lions building at 7:30 SHARP. Please note that 5-6 people are needed to prep the wagon. Place an Asterisk by your name when you sign up to let us know you are planning to show at the Watson Building at 7:00am to help prep. If you are not planning to help prep the wagon before it leaves and then be in the convoy to Batsto, morning shift people need to be in place at Batsto by 8:30am!!

For the Second-Shift people, expect monstrous traffic delays so plan accordingly. The usual 35 minute drive can easily turn into 1-1/2 hours once you get close to Batsto.

Shift Name
7:00am to 12:30pm

Click For 1st Shift Signup
Steve Gibbon *
Chris Tindall *
Greg Lackey *
Rob Hodgson *
Kim Smith
Linda Farewell
Diane Stern
Suzy West
Jacquie Verish
Ed Verish
Jim Webre
joe parrilla
John McMillan
Rikk Holston
jeff hahn
Lee Miller*
* indicates member will help prep the wagon
11:30pm to 4:00pm

Click For 2nd Shift Signup
Greg Reinhardt
Greg Lackey
Jim Webre
joe parrilla
. John McMillan
. John McMillan

Our coordinator for this part of the program is Curt Maginnis. If you would like additional information about the program, drop us a note at